Monday, June 25, 2012

Talk about on the Cheap!

I have been posting some pictures on my Facebook page and thought I would share in my blog too. I realized that just about everything I was showing all came from Goodwill, Church Bazaars, Yard sales, or free on the curb, which just goes to show ya you don't have to spend alot of money  to make some pretty cute vignettes  for your home.
This is a painting that I found a couple years ago leaning on a garbage can, next to the road, at the home of the late Mary Brant, her husband was a Beaches Mayor at one time, when she passed I guess they didn't want to keep this particular painting of Caladiums. Mary Brant was an artist and there were articles in the paper talking of her accomplishments. I cut out that article and taped it to the back of this painting. It feels good that I saved these Caladiums, probably one of her first works, as this is quite naive. I love it

 My friend and local artist, Steven Hall, gave me some of his unframed art. This was included, an unfinished work that I just loved. So I cut the unfinished part off and framed the face. The whole look of this painting just gets me every time I look at it, the Betta Fighting Fish as an earring...well that is Steven's minds eye. I have an old oval wood frame posing with it along with a piece of wrought iron from my Moms.

 I just had to show the face that I painted about 16 years ago, this was one of the very first things I tried. After seeing the designer Christopher Lowell on HGTV, show how you could make a table look like marble by faux painting, I knew I just had to try it. I sanded all the glitter off this face and took a hammer and knocked off the chin, I wanted the look of age I guess, got my paints and voila, this...

Did I ever mention that I also collect Jewelry Boxes?? Well I do, In this picture you can see three (one is in the case that I painted and added little ball feet to) I have four more in the guest room. I love the little spool doll sitting on top, that I found at Goodwill, along with all the jewel boxes! One is under the cabinet too. In the background you can see a Hat lamp that I got at an antique shoppe, and the skirt on the chair slipcover I made, were from my Moms dresses.

 I love this little table in my guest bedroom, the Battennburg Lace topper along with the grey fringed topper were from Goodwill along with the glass head, hat and tri-mirror. All together over a white ruffled skirt it looks really sweet.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Updates or "What's Happen'n Now"!

I just realized that I have not been posting lately. We had the Tropical Storm Beryl come through, and that left a good week and a half of clean up. There was not one pot or plant that did not have twigs or leaves in them, not to mention the yard filled with small limbs, twigs and leaves! I had prepared for this storm, but did not realize that 45 mph winds could tear up so much, and I have been through Hurricanes! Even blew over my swing frame and that whole thing is heavy!

You know how I like to add a recipe or two on things that are original to me. Well a couple of weeks ago when I went to fix dinner I realized that I did not have chicken breasts I had chicken tenders. I usually only use those for Fajitas. so I came up with a great batter and dipping sauce!

"Rena's" All Purpose Batter!
 I started by salting and adding cayenne pepper to the tenders. In a bowl I put one egg, 1/4 cup 1/2 and 1/2, and 1/4 cup Mayo, whisked to  blend till smooth.  Putting All Purpose flour on a plate, I dipped the tenders in the egg mixture and then rolled in the flour for a good coating. Heated Canola Oil in the skillet and fried till a crisp golden brown and all juices were running clear. I am saying this was so delicious, and the chicken was so tender with this light crunchy batter, it just all melted in your mouth! I made a quick sauce for dipping, 1/2 cup mayo, 1/4 cup ketchup, and a healthy squeeze of lemon, Ooo man, creamy and tangy with just the right touch of sweetness...perfect!

My front door entry way is coming along nicely, now that we have had the much needed rain, the plants are all starting to pay attention! You can see that my corn plant was stressed by lack of water, even though it is in the path of the sprinkler, nothing takes the place of Mother Nature.

Don't you just love Succulents! I have so many, this is some spilling out of the lava rocks, and my Kalanchoe blooming is always a favorite. After so many years in the garden things need to be spruced up now and then, as most of the garden art and decor has been there 10 years or more. This last weekend I repainted my Dog and Cat Birdhouses, now they look like the day a got them, except I changed the color of their bows, artistic license you know...