Thursday, May 26, 2016

Saying Goodbye to an old Friend..

At the top of My Blog I have a photo of My backyard Gate. The first painting I did on it was an Urn with a Boxwood Topiary planted in it. Cute, but not magical. Then in a magazine I saw a picture of The Goddess Flora, and I fell in love immediately!This is the Goddess Flora that I saw in a magazine years ago, tore it out and put it in a folder. I was in love with Her.

So as the years passed and the Topiary started to fade on my Gate, I got out my folder of Ideas and Projects yet to be done, and there I came across my photo of Goddess Flora, I was in love all over again and just knew she belonged on my Gate. So I painted her on, using only a sponge to do her whole body, She just flowed on. Everyone loved Her Too. She just gave my Garden that Magic I was looking for.

But now, the years have taken their toll on Her, even though I put a clear coat on Her every year, to help protect, She is saying Farewell to My Garden. Just fading away..

Sooo I've been thinking of what to replace Goddess Flora with, and I have a few ideas running around in my head. I have saved so many photo's that inspire me. One is Santorini Greece, our favorite place on Earth, next to Rome and Nice I got side tracked...well anyhooo I was thinking I could paint a scene of the White houses with the blue rooftops..but don't know how that relates to my Garden..hmm

I also love this painting of the Ladies having Coffee, they have the look that would suit my Garden to a Tee, thought I could paint one standing with that cool hat on, kind of like a welcoming person, like at Walmart! LOL
Then there is this fantastic Lady with the Cats and Roses on a bench...I mean come on..what's not to love..She's quite magical ...

I also love this Sad looking Woman, I could paint her with Blonde flowing hair and a soft color Kaftan..just make her not quite so forlorn.

So you see I have quite a few Ideas, I just have to commit to one...easier said than done..but I hope to post pictures of my Newly painted Gate in a few weeks.. I do know one thing...That first stroke to cover the Goddess will be so hard....