Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Friend Tracy Latham is having a Birthday Today 9/18/2015

Look who's having a Birthday!! Tracy Latham!! Let's all Celebrate with Her!

I feel like we were Sisters From Other Mothers!
 I certainly couldn't love her anymore than if we were Sisters!

Now if you know Tracy, she has a HUGE SWEET TOOTH!
 So a cake with her Face on It is certainly apropos! Tracy you have to share!!

Oh My God!! Look who has stopped by to give Tracy
a Birthday Kiss!! It's The Bieber!! (no tongues)

Tracy you Glamour Girl, I know you say you aren't, but not by this picture!

I'm wishing My Friend Across the Pond (Crewe England) The very Happiest of Birthdays! Love you My Friend! Have fun on Your Special Day Tracy!