Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Great Artist is Born...Maybe...continues

This is the second layer, kind of getting the darker tones added, and a layout of the faces. Not too bad for my first attempt. But this ain't easy folks! Much respect for a true artist!

Sharing Random Pictures of "Whats Happen'n Lately"

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Great Artist is Born...Maybe

Oh you have to check out the Alice Cooper eye on the upper left side of the canvas. When I covered the fish painting with Terra Cotta, and turned it up on end, you can see what appears to be a slanted eye with lashes on the cheek, (a la Alice Cooper). Too funny ...or spooky! Here you can see my inspiration picture and my faces mapped out.

A Great Artist is Born...Maybe

I am surrounded by so many Artists, and I have tried my hand at it a couple of times, but I have decided to "really" give it the ol try for real! I went to Goodwill and purchased a stretched canvas that had a fish painting on it for $4.99. I will paint over this with a Terra Cotta color. The canvas measures 36" x 14". I have selected the painting of "Musical Angels" by Baciccio in the early 1700's. Of course it won't be the same, but my own interpretation. I look forward to see just what I might turn out. I am going to post pictures of every step, so you can enjoy this journey with me. You know when I was 16, I drew three or four pictures of women's faces, with bouffant hair-do's from the early sixties. I have always wanted to paint them. Well I will see how well I do with my first real project, then I would love to tackle them. I am always drawn to pictures with faces in them, or ruins, or great old doors. My friends say I am an old soul. Well lets get this thang go'n ! So far I have painted the canvas, and today I put on the first coat of white, terra cotta, and gold mettalic, I have also mapped out where I
will put the three faces. Tomorrow I will put the second coat on, using browns, golds and whites. So far, so good!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"The Blue Hour Sky" posted from Between Naps on the Porch

Susan from Between Naps on the Porch first introduced me to "The Blue Hour Sky". When I saw this, I knew I just had to try It, and so glad I did, because it is totally amazing and beautiful and so much fun to try. Get your family out and try to capture the Blue Hour Sky, you'll be so glad you did. First you have to go to the web site BLUE HOUR SITE.COM. you will type in your zip code, they will have a chart that will tell you what time the blue hour occurs in your neck of the woods. This is something that happens twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. On the first time I tried to catch the Blue Hour Sky the window of time I had to work with was 7:53 pm to 8:23pm. YOU MUST TURN OFF THE FLASH TO YOUR CAMERA. and since the flash is off you know the camera will move with ev...ery heart beat, so try and get it on a solid surface or a tripod. or just hold your breath and try to time the heartbeat and click between beats. Good luck!! lol THE HUMAN EYE CAN "NOT" SEE THE BLUE HOUR SKY. so when you take a picture you have to look at your camera to see if you have it. I started taking pictures, I would take a pic and look, take a pic and look, it took me 17 tries and around 8:17 I GOT THE BLUE HOUR SKY! yeiiieee! I quickly took another picture and it was gone... I do hope you will try this, The picture I post is of my arbor and there is the Blue Hour Sky in the background, and this is the pic that I got that first time! It's a little blurred, cuz I was holding the camera, but I still love it! so go to BLUE HOUR SITE.COM and get your time and try it, now remember the time changes every day so ck and see your window of time. Please  while on the site look at all the other peoples pictures of their Blue Hour Sky.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh Yeah, Winter Can Hit Florida! And at The Beaches!

I really shouldn't complain, as we have had a spectacular Winter here in Neptune Beach. Only one freeze so far....until tonight! Had to bring in all the plants and get things covered, going down to about 27 degrees here tonight and Sunday night too! Then right back up to the 70's again, so for just two nights of freeze I just couldn't let my plants go. With all the Spring like weather, I have been so tempted to plant some annuals, but as a seasoned gardner, I know better! February always bites us in the butt here at the Beaches. So Wayne has lit a beautiful fire, and with Pomtini in hand I say "Hello Winter"! Glad to see you for just TWO days!

P.S.  Sunday morning, one of my fountains looked like this! Oh Yeah, Cold Baby!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Mantel 2012! Get Your Smooch On!

I really don't put up many Valentines decorations, but I do enjoy decorating my mantel. I have Valentine pillows, I got at the Dollar Store, Honeycomb Hearts, Hologram Hearts, Candy Bag with Lollipop Hearts, Heart Garland with a Heart patterned Bow next to my Moms Moss Angel. Hope you take the time to add a little Valentine Decorating to your Home!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Spring Fake Out!

The weather here in Neptune Beach has been absolutely remarkable! We have only had one freeze here at the Beaches, and mostly the weather has been in the low to high 70's! This past weekend I was taking a walk around the yard to see what has to be done to get ready for Spring, and when I looked, I was amazed to see my Azaleas blooming! My WaterMelon colored ones and my White ones were in full bloom! Oh and my Shrimp plants are go'n off! What will be left for Spring, now that they are all blooming now? And the pollen has already started, my car is covered with the yellow powder. The trees are being fooled into leafing out now! I want to start planting, but I'm chicken, just don't want to lose any to a "Freak Freeze".  I have been caught like that before and lost all my new plantings, and as you know that is alot of Money! Last year the prices at the nurserys were in some cases doubled. I guess they knew we nearly had to replace everything, do to all the tropical foliage dying in the freezes last year.
It's a plot I tell ya!