Monday, February 6, 2012

Spring Fake Out!

The weather here in Neptune Beach has been absolutely remarkable! We have only had one freeze here at the Beaches, and mostly the weather has been in the low to high 70's! This past weekend I was taking a walk around the yard to see what has to be done to get ready for Spring, and when I looked, I was amazed to see my Azaleas blooming! My WaterMelon colored ones and my White ones were in full bloom! Oh and my Shrimp plants are go'n off! What will be left for Spring, now that they are all blooming now? And the pollen has already started, my car is covered with the yellow powder. The trees are being fooled into leafing out now! I want to start planting, but I'm chicken, just don't want to lose any to a "Freak Freeze".  I have been caught like that before and lost all my new plantings, and as you know that is alot of Money! Last year the prices at the nurserys were in some cases doubled. I guess they knew we nearly had to replace everything, do to all the tropical foliage dying in the freezes last year.
It's a plot I tell ya!

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