Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sharing Random Pictures of "Whats Happen'n Lately"

Well I finally finished my mosaic piece paying homage to the Chinese Year of the Dragon. It's kind of  lame looking, but a fun and quick winter project. On the back of the plant stand I also make a bamboo plant. This was a heavy vase that my hubs scavenged, Oh yea, he's trained!

The chair next to my gate was something I saw in a catalog, costing $75! I had Wayne build it for me out of fence slats! It is exactly like the picture and has been in the garden for about 5 years. I just love the look.

The blooming Kalanchoe are so striking in the dull landscape right now. About two weeks ago we had a one night freeze, so I dug them up to save them, then right back out the next day!

Gracie, My Garden Cat, followed my all around this afternoon while I took these pictures, she is getting her refreshment from the Birdbath.

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