Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be My Valentine!

Wasn't this the most fun Holiday when you were in grade school! We would make Valentines for our mom, using colored construction paper, doilies, and school paste (yumm) LOL! Then we all had to bring a shoe box with a lid to class, and we would cover it with doilies and cut out red paper hearts. This would be our box that sat on our desks to hold all the Valentines we would get on that Special Day! The Teacher would cut a big slit in the top so we could stick the cards in our classmates boxes, going from desk to desk to deliver all these fun messages of Love and Friendship. You would always look for that special Valentine from that Boy you had a crush on, hoping his Valentine would reflect some inkling that he liked you too! Oh the Drama! Now this was before the time of political correctness, I mean some kids got more cards that others, it wasn't like today when you have to give everyone int the class one. But even then my Mom insisted that I have a card for all, I can remember looking for a card in the group that reflected the least amount of sappiness for the boy I really didn't like. Priorities.. Oh and Dad would always bring Mom a Huge Box of Chocolates in a gorgeous Heart Shaped Box, covered in lacy ruffles, flowers and ribbons, I always wanted one of those! My Dad would give my Brother and I the smaller medium sized  Valentine Red Heart box of Candy, no ruffles or lace or ribbons, but loved it so much none the less. For years Mom kept all the boxes, in shades of Red, Pink and soft Yellows. After my Dad Passed, Mom would arrange them on the couch in the living room as a Beautiful Valentine Decoration, I always loved seeing them. She would also blow up Red Balloons and place all over the couch, and even in the Bath Tub in the quest bath. Missing them both this Valentines Day, But loving all the fun Memories ♥ A wonderful feeling to be Loved, I hope you have someone Loving you This Valentines Day.

Wild Turkey Native American by Johnson Brothers

35 years ago my Dad worked for a Spirit Company, He was the number 1 salesman for 10 years in a row! Selling such brands as Ronrico Rum, Cutty Sark, Chevis Regal and Wild Turkey. As a reward for sales these companies would offer Bar Mirrors to the salesmen to use as incentives, buy my product and I'll give you a Mirror for your Bar. My dad had so many Mirrors, He would give me one and he kept one and the rest is what he used as his incentive to his customers. At one time I had a small paneled den that I had literally covered every inch of the walls with these Mirrors, it was glorious, all the colors that were used in the labels and the beautiful wood frames, I have no digital pictures of this but I'm sure there are print pictures around somewhere of my den, hmmm. Well the Wild Turkey Liquor Company gave my Dad sets of the Johnson Brothers Wild Turkey Native American China, all of which has passed down to me. I have served Thanksgiving Dinner on this wonderful China for all of my adult life. It was just in the past two years that I have given over the tradition of the Thanksgiving Dinner to my Daughter, but not the China! I have had this dinner every year since I was 22 year old and after 42 years I thought it was time for my Daughter to set her own Traditions for her family. Never knowing the worth of this China, I went on to see if I could find them, and boy did I ever! I found out that all the pieces of my set added up to $5,730.00!!! I couldn't believe it! here are some of the prices and pictures of  "My China"!

Isn't this glorious China? I never get tired of seeing it.
The Vegetable Bowl in the upper left  is Listed for $190.00 and I have 7 of them.

The plates are priced at $69.95 and I have 12 of them.

The Gravy Boat is listed at $300.00 and I have three of them.

Cups and Saucers are listed for $40.00 per set and I have 15 sets.. The Salad plate is listed for $90.00 and I have 9 of them. The Soup Bowls are listed for $100.00 and I have 9 of them.

I also have 1 of the Large Platters, not shown, it is listed for $350.00!

I can't believe that I have been the keeper of such a wonderful Treasure, Thank you Dad and Thank you Mom for sharing these with me all these years.