Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be My Valentine!

Wasn't this the most fun Holiday when you were in grade school! We would make Valentines for our mom, using colored construction paper, doilies, and school paste (yumm) LOL! Then we all had to bring a shoe box with a lid to class, and we would cover it with doilies and cut out red paper hearts. This would be our box that sat on our desks to hold all the Valentines we would get on that Special Day! The Teacher would cut a big slit in the top so we could stick the cards in our classmates boxes, going from desk to desk to deliver all these fun messages of Love and Friendship. You would always look for that special Valentine from that Boy you had a crush on, hoping his Valentine would reflect some inkling that he liked you too! Oh the Drama! Now this was before the time of political correctness, I mean some kids got more cards that others, it wasn't like today when you have to give everyone int the class one. But even then my Mom insisted that I have a card for all, I can remember looking for a card in the group that reflected the least amount of sappiness for the boy I really didn't like. Priorities.. Oh and Dad would always bring Mom a Huge Box of Chocolates in a gorgeous Heart Shaped Box, covered in lacy ruffles, flowers and ribbons, I always wanted one of those! My Dad would give my Brother and I the smaller medium sized  Valentine Red Heart box of Candy, no ruffles or lace or ribbons, but loved it so much none the less. For years Mom kept all the boxes, in shades of Red, Pink and soft Yellows. After my Dad Passed, Mom would arrange them on the couch in the living room as a Beautiful Valentine Decoration, I always loved seeing them. She would also blow up Red Balloons and place all over the couch, and even in the Bath Tub in the quest bath. Missing them both this Valentines Day, But loving all the fun Memories ♥ A wonderful feeling to be Loved, I hope you have someone Loving you This Valentines Day.

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  1. I remember well... thanks for bringing back the memories of this day with you writings.. I remember starting out with bags and then graduating to boxes.. W always had to make them at home. I remember very well trying to pick out the very perfect one for each child in the class. It always ended that in your box, you had a very diffcult time when you got to the end.... some of those dumb cards didn't match anyone.. It was very important to me to match everyone up with the perfect card. Oh well you were stuck with what you had.... We did have to be politically correct in our school. Everyone got a Valentine... Thanks for bringing back these memories... That was so nice to hear about your mom and her Valentine boxes ..... what a nice family memory..