Wednesday, March 30, 2016

April 2016 Spring in Neptune Beach Florida!

I hope everyone is having weather to be jealous of ! Here in Neptune  Beach we have already hit the mid 80's a couple of times this Spring!  I'm totally enjoying all the changes this year, the most beautiful shades of green seen everywhere, Azaleas blooming, but soon to end, at least mine are, just a few left! I haven't seen any Red Bud Trees blooming at the beach, is it time? and I haven't seen any Dog Wood either! Do we still have any left here? My neighbor has the most beautiful Angels Trumpet blooming right now, love it.They say they are poisonous, but you can't beat them for beauty!

This is in my back yard, Pale pink Azaleas...doesn't get any prettier, they are fading but so delicate looking.

In my front yard, that Split Leaf Philodendron is so huge, it is taller than Me! And it all started out of a small dish garden! I placed the plant out there after all else had died, it was about 2 feet tall and two leaves! Now it is at least 12 feet across!

This is a very big year for Me...I'll be turning 70 in September! (Lord Willing)  I still can't wrap my 16 year old brain around that! LOL Now come on..70...really...seriously...wha?  But I can't complain, no serious illnesses, just a hurtful right knee, but I can cope with that believe Me! And people are always commenting on my photos about how young I look, but that is totally subjective, but I do appreciate the kind comments.
I thought I would share what I use for cream and makeup, as so many ask what I use on my skin. Honestly I really don't do anything special, not even an expensive make up line. But when younger, I used Germaine Montiel  exclusively, I was so disappointed when they went away. Their perfume Royal Secret was My signature, ever since I was 19...and it still is..I find it on Amazon or Ebay!. But here I am with no Makeup.

I'm not blowing this pic up!!
Now this is a pic of what Use on My face when I go out.

The cheapest stuff ever!!  Any cream I use has to say Body Butter, that's my only requirement, I put it on my face, neck and decolletage ( like to say that with a posh accent)  It works for Me. Revlon 24hr Colorstay Liquid Makeup in Toast, Wet and Wild Bronzer SPF15 in Bikini Contest, MaryKay Shadow in Cinnabar, Wet and Wild Shadow in Pearl White and Nude Matte, CoverGirl Eyeliner pencil in Black, Blush Brush and Shadow Blender brush, and a Lipstick by Mary Kay that I've used so long that they have discontinued the Color!!! So now I have to go on Amazon or Ebay to find Mary Kay in Sun Burst! And that My Friends is it!!
When doing My eyes, I put the light color on the body of the applicator and run the tip over the dark color, then as I apply to the lid, the dark goes right in the crease of My eye. take the blender to brush across to blend out, so easy, then I apply my eyeliner on upper and inner lower eyelids... easy peasy!

 Most days I don't use the Liquid Makeup, I just use the blush and eye makeup, and of course Lipstick! I don't even do yard work without Lipstick!Lol Then after all the Spackle has been sanded! LOL this is how I Look! Sexy Huh!
Happy Spring Y'all!