Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh Yeah, Winter Can Hit Florida! And at The Beaches!

I really shouldn't complain, as we have had a spectacular Winter here in Neptune Beach. Only one freeze so far....until tonight! Had to bring in all the plants and get things covered, going down to about 27 degrees here tonight and Sunday night too! Then right back up to the 70's again, so for just two nights of freeze I just couldn't let my plants go. With all the Spring like weather, I have been so tempted to plant some annuals, but as a seasoned gardner, I know better! February always bites us in the butt here at the Beaches. So Wayne has lit a beautiful fire, and with Pomtini in hand I say "Hello Winter"! Glad to see you for just TWO days!

P.S.  Sunday morning, one of my fountains looked like this! Oh Yeah, Cold Baby!

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