Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Ribbon Tree

I started out trying to find something to go with the other decorations at the end of my kitchen counters. I had seen the ribbon trees in the store, but was sure I could make my own. So I did! I started with a small foam cone, I cut the first bottom row of ribbons about 9 inches long, it took about 6 of them, and I just used straight pins. Folding the wire ribbon in half, I pinned the ends all around the bottom, making the base of the tree. The next row I shortened the ribbon to about 7 inches, and made sure I staggered the ribbons, pinning up about 2 inches from the bottom row. Next row was about 5 inch long cuts of ribbon, using the staggering method I continued up to the top of the cone, it only took 3 strips of ribbon to finish, I put a pleat in the middle to get it to fit the small top. I added a ribbbon bow for the topper. A very quick and fun project, that can  be adapted to any decor depenting on the ribbon you choose. Since my colors in the kitchen are terra cotta I tend to stick with the copper tones, and that is what I used in this project, alternating two types of copper ribbon.

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