Monday, April 16, 2012

Fun Things I've Been Doing

I have been working in the yard so much, trying to get everything in order for spring planting. The Oaks in Florida shed their leaves in the spring, along with the Magnolia leaves, so much raking! Cutting back all the dead wood, I waited for the plants to leaf out so I would know how far to cut things back. It has been so warm that all my spring Azaleas, Day Lilies, Amaryllis have already bloomed. I have decided that I am going to decorate all my pots before I do any planting, so I started a small mosaic project, a flower pot, it wasn't really a mosaic, as I used  those glass globs and made a the pattern, it did make the pot a lot cuter!
Then on Pinterest I have been seeing all these flowers made from paper, so I thought I can do this! There were all kinds,  Roses, Daffodils, huge Flowers, then I saw that one of my Facebook friends had made some beautiful Roses and put them on a wreath. So that did it, I was ready to try it, I found a tutorial and proceeded to try and make the flower. This was so frustrating because the newspaper was so flimsy, and I kept burning my self with the glue gun! But it all came together and didn't look too bad, not like a beautiful Rose but good enough, I sprayed it Light Lavender. After looking at the tutorial again trying to figure out why mine didn't quite look like a Rose, I noticed a big part in the instructions that I had not read, the part where it said use the pages from a BOOK! Ahhh now I see, the nice thick paper pages from a book! (not flimsy newspaper). Well I was still pleased with my attempt, but will have to try and make this the right way.

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