Monday, May 26, 2014

Summer's a Come'n!

My Granddaughter Kingsley just told me the last day of  her Junior year is June 6th! Now I know I seem to always start of with the mention of how I feel time is flying by, but come on..June already! You have got to  be agreeing with me! I already see Christmas on Pinterest! But June does bring on the Summer, and really isn't that what we all live for, I know I do. Finally all my plants have recovered from the Winter Freezes, their leaves are full and buds are on everything, all the "Brown" is gone!

 Just look at my Kings Crown Shrimp Plant! I always look forward to these Pink Pompoms, and it blooms all summer!

My Staghorn Fern is about 15 years old, you can't tell by this picture, but it is over 5 feet across, and Kudos to my Wayne for lugging this giant thing into the garage at the mere hint of a freeze!

The African Iris have been blooming like mad this year, the most blooms ever! Maybe they like the freeze, hmm. You know some plants have to go through the cold to bloom in the spring.

We recently took a day trip to Big Talbot Island State Park, right on the ocean, only about a half hour away. This is the most extraordinary place, the ocean has washed away so much of the Island that the erosion has caused these cliffs at the edge. This has caused the Oaks to fall onto the beach, where over time they have almost turned white and are now huge forms of driftwood. When we first started coming to the Island you could access the beach by wooden steps, but now, due to many storms washing all away, the stairs are gone and they have made a trail through the woods that goes about a half mile to a place that is easier to climb down , still a bit scary to try and make your way down to the beach, but sooo worth it.  Just walking among all the huge driftwood trees, it's just wonderful. And since this place is kinda off the beaten path, there isn't very many people there. You are not allowed to take any of the wood off the Island...drats!

 Now is this fantastic or what! In person so much of the wood is totally bleached by the sun, you definitely need your Sunglasses!
Can you see the white line on the horizon? Well that is a sandbar, I bet I stared at that thing for the longest time, if I could walk on water I would have loved to have gone over there!

You can see the edge of the Island Cliffs here on Big Talbot Island.

I still do my Decorating for Dr. Duffy's office,  his Wife Claire is so good to Me and I enjoy every moment coming up with ideas to use in My designs.

 This is one of the toppers to their large display cabinet in their waiting room, I designed this for Spring. Huge flowers in shades of peach and cream, of course I love using the Mesh ribbon for drama, and adding that cute watering can I found at Goodwill!
This is the latest design, I wanted it to look like a cool Summer, with shades of blue, burlap like the sand, and I made a wreath out of the vines I collected from My yard, adding Sea Grape leaves, Shells, Lichen and Mesh ribbon. Put some Twigs up there from my yard too.

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