Sunday, August 16, 2015

Life Just Keeps Sucking the Time Outta Me!

Guess I'm turning into a Once a Month Blogger! But honestly my intentions in the beginning was to have a productive and active Blog. You know when I started Blogging, all the Bloggers I followed, were like the old HGTV days. I mean it was all about Crafting, Gardening, Home Cook'n, Life Happens Design on a Dime, Carol Duval, Christopher Lowell, Room by Room, Decorating Cents, Aileen Crafts and so many others I can't seem to pull out of My brain right now, but you get the Idea. Now, if I go to a Blog site, nothing but Advertizements, PopUps and not even a Header. Not so much fun, but I'm sure the Bloggers are making money off of all this. And Kudos to all the Girls that have Recipe Blogs, I really don't know how they do it, responding to all the--Well I used pecans instead of walnuts, and added in pineapple, I also used an egg substitute and whole wheat flour and topped it with coconut--do you think it'll turn out?? God Bless em..then they have to kindly reply, Well Doris it should be all good...BUT PLEASE TAKE MY NAME OFF THE FU*K'N RECIPE!! THIS IS NO LONGER WHAT I SHARED!! FOLLOW THE D*MN RECIPE BIT*H!! Doris please let Me know how it turns out, thanks for your suggestions. LOL

In the last Month more things have happened than I can shake a stick at! All house related! New Electrical panel being installed, Gardener trimmed all trees overhanging house and clearing big areas on the south end of garden (that I never enter), new Insulation put in Attic, got Carpenter coming next two weeks to replace T 1-11 siding at front, replacing sliders out to screened room with French doors..on and on and on..

And to top it all off My Granddaughter leaves in about 6 days for College, but even though she'll only be a couple of hours away, it's like Grandmothers are the last to be seen, if at all, just so much they have to attend to. Grandson will turn 21 in October, he is in his Fourth Year of Life guarding at Neptune Beach, also going to College to be a Civil Engineer, will be transferring to Tallahassee soon. Time marches on.. Talking of Marching on, Fall is right around the corner, I think this was the shortest Summer ever. Maybe it's because the kids return to School earlier..These are a few pictures of My flower beds, The last looks of Summer..

 The last of the Society Garlic and My Donkeys Ears Succulent sprouting babies that grow on its Ears.

                                              Coleus and Christmas Cactus on the side yard.

                                             One lonely bloom on a Volunteer Vinca.  

                                      Ornamental Peppers and Bromeliad blooms fading.

                                    Mexican Firebush and Volunteer Vinca  blooming their hearts out!

Front Door garden area, Coleus, Vinca and Papyrus, this area will be cleared out for Autumn Crotons and Ornamental Cabbage. It just didn't seem to last long at all..


  1. Didn't the summer go by fast!!!! I don't see the older grands as much as I would like, but we still have Ky (3rd grade) that stays with us several days and nights a week. Our daughter is a flight nurse and Ky's dad is a railroader so they both work lots of hours. Your garden is always so pretty ...thank you for letting us enjoy it ...hugs...

    1. Short estate Summer for sure! Sorry haven't been to your blog lately, once all the contractors are through, I'll be able to catch up! Here we call you Pink Penny, I'll say to Wayne, Pink Penny posted today, and he knows exactly who I'm talking about! ♥