Thursday, January 7, 2016

Starting The New Year 2016 With a Catch Up of 2015!

Happy New Year! Usually I'm glad to say goodbye to the old year, but 2015 was such a big changing year for Wayne and I, and our Family. Wayne, after reinventing himself , starting a new Career and EXCELLING! Grandkids are Kids no more. Evan has turned 21, starting his 5th year in Life Guarding at Neptune Beach, Working and will get his AA Degree in April, he wants to transfer to Tallahassee and attend FSU for Civil Engineering. Kingsley is 18, in Gainesville attending Santa Fe College, working and will switch to Florida after her AA Degree, Communications Major. We still can't figure out where the years went from the time they were babies till now! But just so happy to bear witness to all these happy times! My Daughter and Son in Law are almost empty nesters, maybe they can do some of the traveling they've always wanted to do. Wayne just says "Book the Cruise to Santorini"! Well hopefully sooner than later..

Well let's get caught up! September Wayne and I got Older..enough said.

October I did Fall Decorating, not as much as usual, but enough to make me Happy!

This year I put my Scarecrow on the Mantel! Isn't he so cute there?! Bless his heart, I got him for like $5.00 at Big Lots 15 years ago! He has been outside every year, Sun, Rain, Wind, Animals..survived it all, he looks so happy being inside! LOL
I also volunteer for the Nutcracker Tea (prelude to the Nutcracker Ballet) that happens in November, but this year I helped revamp some (23) of the Senior Girls Ballet Costumes. It was a big job but the girls were so happy with the changes! Took Me from late October to about a week before the Tea to finish it all.

I Took all the old flowers off the fronts of the Tees, Designed New Corsages to be worn on the side, and just put Glitter and Rhinestones on Everything! The costumes were half pink and other half purple.

November started Us out Celebrating our 33rd Wedding Anniversary! Wayne and I married in 1982, and if our Marriage could be applied to a Richter Scale it would register about A 7.2 earthquake! LOL Hey all marriages have ups and downs and chilled out phases, we have definitely hit them all, and are the better for it! It's been Mr. Toads Wild Ride..Love you Baby..

Later in the month was the Nutcracker Tea, this benefits the Make a Wish Foundation. 33+ Tables have to have Centerpieces designed for them, and this year I think it was the most beautiful. This was my third year to Volunteer.

Pictures of the Centerpieces, every table (33+) is different, and a picture of the entry. I pleated wrapping paper for the entry tables and it turned out to have the look of Fabric! A Magical Tea..

December was here in a Flash! I still had time to Decorate Dr. Duffy's offices, This is a picture of the large display case in the Waiting Room. Christmas 2015 Design.

Time to turn My Attention to My Home!
Time to Decorate the Tree! This is the first time in three years that I've put up the big tree in the Living room. This tree holds every Ornament that I've acquired since the age of 22! And of course My Mantel Design 2015!

 Also we had our 13th Annual Christmas Party, we Skipped a couple of years, so wonderful to have it again! I always give every girl a bag of Ornaments to take home with them, these bags lined from the tree all the way around my Dining room wall! This year there was 37 bags!!

 Christmas Day! Ready for all the Family to get here! Fun day ahead!

Thought I'd share a pic of Me, with my Christmas Readers on! Cute Snowmen on each corner! Blurred just right! LOL

Do any of you do this? After all the wrapping paper mess is cleaned up, I always take the gifts and display them under the tree! It gives us a chance to see what each one received, and lets us appreciate them.

 Just had to show this fun gift I got my Grandson Evan, a Life Guard Chair Lamp! He loved it! and we laughed alot!

 Oh and I love my new Everyday China, Oneida "Italian Cypress"

And now don't be jealous...a Rooster Wine Holder! Thanks Tiffany! But I see myself using it  for my Olive Oil!

Well we are all caught up for 2015,  Looking forward to an exciting year, now on to Enjoy 2016!

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