Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blue Angels Come to The Beaches!

Had a Wonderful start to the Weekend! The Sea and Sky Spectacular was at the Beaches! The Blue Angels put on such an exciting show, something about those jets flying overhead , makes you feel so proud to be an American!  Got to watch the show from an oceanfront condo on the ninth floor balcony, so the planes zooming by were right at eye level! Thrilling is the only word that describes the maneuvers these brave pilots accomplish, with such effortless looking flair.

The air has already changed, the humidity has all but gone! I've been enjoying all the changes, leaves are starting to fall, all the Fall blooming plants are just starting their show! My Roselle is blooming like mad and I noticed the Orange Honeysuckle is starting to open! Cool mornings are such a treat!

And check out the Pothos growing on my fence, this was a tiny piece at the bottom of a plant, the top leaves are the size of dinner plates! Will hate to see them go when the cold weather brings the freezes.

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