Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dinner Club Goes to Spain!

I belong to a Dinner Club, it consists of about 15 girls, and each dinner has a theme, like Moroccan, Italian, etc. Well the other night it was Spain! Usually at these dinners we always try to be authentic and decorate to match the theme, and some even wear costumes! Now you know when all of us girls get together, it is nothing but fun and laughter, and Wine! I volunteered to decorate for this soiree, was fun coming up with the ideas. I found out the National flower of Spain is the Carnation. To keep to the budget I found everything at the dollar store. I started by matching a single Carnation with some fresh greenery and tied together with fall ribbon. This was to be placed at each place setting., I then made an arrangement to sit at the entryway table, yellow field flowers and fresh greens with a fall bow. I had an antique metal purse that I laid on its side and had pearls and gold jewelry spilling out of , kinda like Spanish booty treasure chest. A brocade table runner with a piece of copper embroidered tulle finished it off.

We set the most beautiful table, the china was perfect. I made a center piece using all the muted fall colors of mustard, sage, and yellow, put together with fresh greens and fall ribbons. Even the foam oasis was from the dollar store, you can really make silk flowers look so special if you will add fresh greenery from the garden, and it's free!
The evening started off with Champagne, and Sangria, The dinner was served with Red and White Spanish Wines, Our First Course was  Gaspacho, followed by Ceviche.

We had such a great menu, everything from Appetizers to Paella, Spanish Rice, Tilapia with Tomatoes and Olives, Spanish Potato Salad, a fabulous Vegetable casserole and to top it all off , Flan!  Our next Dinner Club will be Italian, oh yeah, I'm all in! Wouldn't this be a fun thing to start with all your girlfriends?

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