Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year! 2013! Good Grief!

Can you believe we have made it to the year 2013?? Wowzer, I am totally amazed! Is it the way you pictured 2013 to be when you were young? I used to get Popular Mechanic Magazine, and one issue had a cover showing cars zooming through the sky on laser beams. The cars had clear dome ceilings, and inside you could see the people, with their seats turned toward the middle with a table in-between, playing cards!! You could see other cars zooming right along, programed for their own destinations! Just like the Jetson's! And this was their prediction for the 1980's, what the hell happened?? It's like we have advanced... but not.. Seems like the more we go forward, the more things stay the same! I mean basically things are the same as when I was little, the homes haven't changed that much, furniture and clothes are basically the same too. I mean we did get polyester, microwaves, computers, skinny TV's but we have to pay to see them! and the list goes on and on, but really my life kinda runs the same way as my Mom's. I do wish we would have kept the different styles of cars, now they all look the same, you have to look at the hood or trunk for the logo to see what it is! Oh man you used to know when a Corvette or XKE went flying by, and eyes would pop over a Cadillac, but now nothing..unless a tricked out car pulls up with Spinners on their tires, Ooo excitement..I'm thinking we really did have the best of times, I know we had the best of music! Right through the 90's, then now...not too many songs that you will remember, Nothing will be burned into our brains, Like Del Shannon singing "Runaway", or the Stones "Satisfaction" or Smoky Robinson "Ooo Baby Baby". How lucky we were! But now, we at least have Bruno Mars, Adele, and even Taylor Swift, trying to bring some songs to the front that we will remember..I often wonder what songs my Grandkids will request when they want to hear an "Oldie"! "Shake'n that Ass"? Eminem? poopoo!
Well the total wonder of the future is ahead of us, and I have a feeling 2013 just might be "The Year"! Wouldn't that be great! Everyone says "Make Everyday Count", well I say "Try and get as many good ones in there as you can"! Come on 2013, BRING IT ON!!

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