Monday, December 17, 2012

OMG The Full Mantel!

My Mantel has became its own Country! I think this is the best yet! I don't mean to toot my own horn, but when you see this in person, it is Jaw Drop'n! One of my Friends called it "The Full Monty"! I love that! The colors of Red, Green and Gold will always stay, but each year I try and come up with a new design and I always add something new to it, weather it's a new ornament or Like this year the bow in the middle with the tall glass vase holding the fresh greens and berries.
I start by going to Lowes or Home Depot to get all their free Christmas tree trimmings, I mean I fill up the back of The Hearse (my beach car) with all I can haul. When I get home I spread out an old sheet and start going through the branches with the help of my big ol Black Cat Skooter. I put all the things that are what I call a "given" on the mantel, the lamps, reindeer and candles etc.Then I start adding all the greenery.

I wire together a big side arch that I attach to the mantel on a hidden nail on the back, this curves down all the way to the hearth.

I then start by adding the red lights and all the red berries and I start with the garlands. This year my change up was the tall glass vase filled with spiked seeds from our Sweet Gum Tree, added in the greenery and berries, and this gave me the height I wanted. for the center. (sorry this pic is a little blurry) You can see the Reindeer and the red mercury glass candle holders.

As you enlarge these pictures you can see all the garlands, ornaments, gold grapes, gold glitter tingting, gold glitter mesh ( that I cut into 2 foot pieces, and just tuck in each end to give the illusion of it running through the greenery), ribbons and cute Nordic Snowmen that I've added to the design. Hang a couple of ornaments on ribbons to balance it all out and Voila! My 2012 Christmas Mantel!!
The party is going on, and every one wants to be taking a picture at the Mantel or of the Mantel! It's a Hit!

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  1. Oh my Gosh! Rena your mantel is Amazing!!!! How long did this take you? I love how you said it's a country of its own . . .