Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Let the Holidays Begin! Fa la la la la

Things are really buzz'n! Everyone is busy getting up the decorations, and I am no different! Have our 13th Annual Christmas Party coming up, so I'm so busy getting the house ready, hopefully I will be finished with the inside by the weekend, and then we can turn or attention to the outside lights.

Started on the tree! I call it the Mother of All Trees! It is such a kick-ass sturdy tree, it has to be, to hold all the gazillion ornaments I put on every year! I have every ornament that was given to me or that I've made since I was 22 years old!

This tree is a very wide tree and to fit into this space I have to turn all the branches down, and really mash the ones in the back so I can smuch it up to the wall, I do this for walk around space. I start out with my lights and then the garland. This garland is over 30 years old, each year I take and roll it on a wrapping paper tube and this keeps is looking new.

I start by adding all my huge ornaments, they measure for 8 to 9 inches across, then I'm off to the races!

Skooter my Black Cat, sits and watches me the whole time, I will get the Angel on the top as soon as it is unpacked. I don't think there is one inch left on the tree to put even one more ornament!

I add my collection of Christmas Boxes to the tree, I don't put presents under the tree until it's about a week before, then I pack all these boxes away.

Finished up the window ledge in the dining room, now on the the kitchen!

I love this Della Robbia Paper Mache Santa that I found a few years ago at Goodwill!! He is perfect in my Kitchen. I am on to other rooms and will post those pictures later! Have fun decorating your Home for the Holidays! Merry Christmas!

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  1. Good Golly Girl! I can't compete with this. I dread de-decorating what I do , I cannot even imagine de-decorating your home. Everything looks really Amazing . . .Enjoy!!