Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013, It's Ever Changing..

This Easter was so different for me, I mean I still did a little decorating, a little cook'n, and quite a bit of reflection.

You know when my daughter Tiffany was small, her Daddy and I would go all out for Easter, just like I know ya'll did when your children were small. It was a Holiday that started the day before, getting the house ready for the relatives to come over, which were both sets of her grandparents, such fun coloring the eggs, making potato salad, getting the baked beans ready for the oven, and making my famous lemon cupcakes with lemon icing and just the right amount of pastel sprinkles. Oh those were such happy days. Easter morning, it was a fun ritual that we did with Tiffany, her Daddy, would sneak out the back door with her basket slam full of goodies, and put it on the front porch, ring the door bell, and jump into the bushes with the camera ready to get the money shot!! I would be ushering her to the door, "I think it's the Easter Bunny"!! gasping surprise! She would open the door and bam! Daddy got the picture! Those days are all gone now, ending when Tiffany was 4,  and I'm sad to say, along with that marriage. But now with Wayne, my hubs of 30 years, we kept things moving along with our own memories. Then the most wonderful thing happened...Grandkids!! Yeeehaa, first Evan and then 2 1/2 years later, Kingsley! Such joys, we would do the same things basically, except we would be loading the car up for our trip to their home. Wayne would spend the night before loading all the plastic eggs with candy, and certain ones with $5.00 bills,and we would get there so early, before the kids were even awake, and hide a bazillion eggs in their back yard. I'm telling you is there anything we won't do for the Grandbabies?? I think not!. Well  Evan is now 18, and spent Easter in Puerto Rico, surfing with friends, my Granddaughter Kingsley  went with her friends to the beach. So this year,our Daughter and Son in Law set up tents on the beach, and that is where we spent this Easter. No more small kids running around, but we were among friends and family, and it was such a relaxing day, 81 degrees, tons of sun and the most food you've ever seen! Change is inevitable, both sets of Grandparents are gone, the Grandkids are grown, but now the holidays are taking on a meaning that is so much deeper. Remembering all the moments we treasured, and all the people that we miss and loved. I truly thank God for all the Blessings he has allowed me to share with my Family. I hope you enjoyed this Easter with your Family and Friends, and didn't forget to reflect on all of your Blessings.

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  1. I love boxes of all types... Love your displays and your stories... What a delight