Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Collections You Didn't Know You Had!!

Are you like me? You see something that appeals to you, so you get it. Well that is what I do with Wooden Jewelry Boxes, don't know why, but I can't seem to pass them up! How can someone part with a perfectly good one?? They seem so sentimental, as it's something you don't tend to buy for yourself, they are usually received as gifts. I didn't know I was a collector until I found myself stacking them! I've found all mine at Goodwill, if they are scratched, I stain them, or like the little one in the picture below, inside the table doors, it was brown wood, I painted cream, added gold edging and painted some leaves, glued on some little macrame wood  beads as feet, and it changed the whole look. That was my first Jewel Box. My faves are the wood ones with all the drawers, like little chests, you can see one on the floor under the table. The tall one on top, with another Goodwill find, my little Spool Doll, was one my Granddaughter and I found, she just had to have it. Enough Said! We brought it home and I re-stained it and she now has treasures left in it.

The picture below has a Jewelry Box that I received when I was 19, it was given to me by my Dearest Friend, Mona Martin. It has a Magenta Velvet top and drawers, but the best thing is, it has sliding padded doors that cover the drawers to the oval shaped box. Honestly I had never seen anything so fancy! Now I ask you, how could I ever part with such a wonderful gift?? Oh did you notice the picture of Jayne Mansfield, autographed to ME!!

I won't show all, but I have some of them incorporated in the rest of the house. The one shown below is on our Television Credenza, but they are mostly in my Shabby Chic Guest Room.

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