Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Moment of ....

Today I was looking through my Facebook News Feed, and I saw a dress that reminded me of a friend. Well I wanted to share the picture on her Facebook page, because I just knew she would love to see it. The thing was, when I hit the share button and went to type in her name, I couldn't remember it, I mean I could see her face, but her name was gone!! So I thought if I think of her husbands name, surly it will come to me. You know like Dick and Jane, or Bob and Mary.But then I couldn't think of his name either, so sitting there with both of their faces in my mind, I started to panic! I stood up and went to the front door to look outside, thinking if I just take my mind off of the situation, their names will come to me, then I walked to the dining room, and circled back through the kitchen to my computer, still seeing their faces, but their names a total blank! I'm telling you, it was the most scariest moments I've spent, well..ever. I started to cry, and I walked back to the bath where Wayne was taking a shower, he was now at the sink brushing his teeth, he turned to look at me, and saw the tears streaming down my face. I said "Wayne what was the name of the couple we went to the auction with"? Now these are friends that we have known a long time, and all I could use as a reference was an auction we attended together.He said their names, and I just started bawling, I said "Oh God Wayne, I couldn't remember their names"! "I mean I truly could not remember"! "I saw their faces, but that was it"! He said "Rena you just had a moment of forgetfulness, everybody has them"! and he started laughing and kinda gave me a noogie. But it felt so much more than just forgetting, I mean there was no recall at all!! It has taken me all day to shake that feeling. I was so thankful to hear the front doorbell ring, and see my Granddaughter standing there in her cute bikini! She had just come from a friends pool and decided to stop at our place to shower and have some lunch. Seeing her at the age of 16, all young and fresh looking, and with that sweet smell of youth, it just lifted me up! Wow don't you wish...well, you know..

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  1. Ahhh Rena... you are a sharp as ever.. Just a moment like Wayne said.. God bless him that he was such a comfort. Then having your granddaughter show up at the door at just the right time. When your mind is full ... those moments can happen. LOL