Saturday, June 8, 2013

Like'n My Lichen!

After my moment of forgetting, I decided to go through the pictures I have stored on my computer, and came across some unusual shots I'd taken in the back yard. This is the picture of a Market Umbrella that we've had for the last 12 years! I mean this umbrella has never been brought inside, and we only close it if there are high wind warnings from Tropical Storms or God Forbid Hurricanes. Usually when I close it up, I am busy look'n around the yard to see if there is anything else that might blow over in the storm. But this one day, I just happened to notice the actual umbrella itself, it was covered in the most beautiful Lichen, kinda like a bluish green color, or what I call Verdigris Green, one of my favorite colors in the garden! There were some of the most beautiful shapes, and it was kind of like look'n at an underwater reef.

Now this is 12 years of rain, sun, shade, humidity and heat, ok throw in a couple of freezes too! Here at the Beaches we really don't get the hard freezes too often. But isn't this like a cool Science Experiment!

I mean it's like a Moon Scape! I just love all the ruffles and fuzzy bits. I have this same type of Lichen that grows on the branches of the old Oak Trees that hang over the back yard. Nature at its best!

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