Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year! And Happy Reflecting on all the Years Past.

The excitement of Christmas is past, to me it's always so funny how even the lights on the trees and houses seem to lose that magical glow. Oh they still look pretty, but it's like the spirit of Santa has returned back to the North Pole, leaving us in the afterglow. But a bit of spark is left to get us through the week, just enough to rally for the last fling, The New Year Celebration! Mom and Dad always had a great New Years Eve party, fabulous food, fun guests, Dad tending bar, making me my favorite White Russians! The neighbor down the street , Mr Luke, would always bring a big bag of fireworks to set off in the front yard at the stroke of Midnight. Bottle Rockets galore, Lady Fingers going off like machine guns, Huge Fountains shooting a mountain of sparks that would make a loud whistle, small Tanks that would run in the street that shot little sparks out of their canons.But my fave was the Roman Candles. Oh man getting to hold that wand, shooting out bright balls of sparkling fire in the night, seeing the colors shoot out, winging their way down the street in a high arch, now that's what I'm talk'n about!! Makes my heart leap just thinking about it! Thanks Mom and Dad, that is a memory that will never be repeated.

It has been some years since we went out to celebrate New Years, usually it's a quiet evening, grilling in the back yard, now Wayne makes my White Russians, he'll put a fire in the fire pit.  I love to watch the ball drop in Times Square on the telly and we toast at Midnight, usually with Evan Williams Eggnog, another favorite! I don't see any change this year, but maybe we'll use our gift card from Carrabba's for dinner that we got LAST YEAR!! it still even good?? Well anyhoo.
I usually don't make any resolutions, I always hope things will be better, that we will have good health, that I will be more productive, that some fun will enter my life everyday, that I'll find something to really laugh about, that I will watch my diet, prosperity will come our way, maybe I'll get a new kitten, maybe not, that I will clean the garage, pressure wash the driveway, reline the kitchen drawers..hey! hey! what in the hell am I talking about?? Wow I must of had a moment! whew..
Happy New Year! Holy Cow it's 2014!!


  1. Happy New Year Rena...Enjoyed reading your blog. I also read your Christmas post...sorry had to cancel your Christmas party. Your home still looked beautiful you have a flair for decorating.

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR DEAR FRIEND. I never can remember my password to get in here to comment. I have to go through the whole process of changing it every time. Well the year is over and we are starting again. Hopefully this 2014 your Christmas will be bigger and brighter. I will leave my decorations up as long as I can . The glow of the lights in the northern winters is comforting. Yes for others the glow and glimmer may become dimmer, but I am going to hang on to it as long as I can. Gees, I am still decorating with sales finds as we speak, so it isn't disappearing from my house any time soon. But yes I agree, for the most part, it does lose it's appeal for many. I just want to keep it here as long as possible. Hoping your 2012 is full of rich blessings and happiness my dear Christmas buddy.
    Thanks for all your inspiration and fun. May we have much more in 2014

  3. Thank you TNGardenGal, decorating for the Holidays is a pure joy no matter which one it is! Happy New Year to you.
    Kathleen you keep your decorations up as long as you want, it's a heart thing! Looking forward to seeing your home change in July! LOLOL ♥

  4. Oh I love a good White Russian!

    Have a happy and healthy 2014!