Friday, March 7, 2014

Rushing Spring!

I have been in the slumps with this Winter weather. This has been the greyest Winter ever here in Neptune Beach, and we are all sick of it! Now I know, this in no way compares to what all our friends in the upper tiers of the USA goes through each Winter, but here in Florida it's just not what we are used to. I am so glad this is all finally coming to an END!! My Friends and I tried to Rush Spring, and took a trip to Fernandina Beach, a really quaint fishing town, with great shops, restaurants and beautiful Amelia Island Resort.
For a couple of years I had been following the postings of The Dove Cote Brocante in St Marys Georgia, vowing to my friends that we would take a drive up to see this great looking shop, but life gets in the way, and we never went. But just about a month ago, I saw Aspen, the owner of  DCB, say she had moved to Fernandina Beach!! Ok no excuses now! Trip on! So I headed out with an Artist friend of mine, her Mom and Daughter for such a delightful, but chilly day in Fernandina. Dove Cote Brocante here we come! You know how you see pictures. and you just love everything you see, well that is how we all felt about the treasures in this great shop.
Sharon Hayes Westbrook, a wonderful artist and friend, took this picture of her Mom, Daughter and Me as we were about to enter the shop we had waited so long to see,the beginning of a fun day!

We were greeted by Aspen, the owner  of The Dove Cote Brocante. So pretty and such a sweet person!
We all loved her goat head above her desk, with a cute chapeau! See I said Aspen was pretty!

 Cute Glitter Rabbits, so whimsical, and Santos, that I wish I could afford! All kinds of Architectural Elements, and I purchased a Cement flower pot with Roses and a Burlap makeup bag with the Fleur de Lis, for my Granddaughters trip to Paris in March. I wish I had taken a picture of the Burlap full length Curtains, they were  smocked at the top, about a foot down and tied back with a Burlap Bow, they were beautiful! If you ever visit Fernandina please take the time to visit this great shop, you'll be glad you did! Before we left her shop, she told us about her Mothers Garden Shop just down the block, so off we went .

 We found it! the Dove Cote Garden Shop, now when I see something like this, I just have to stop and check it out. Don't you?! All the little Chippy pieces and cement elements, we all just couldn't stand our own excitement!

 Cutest tiny terracotta pot display in an old wooden crate.

 This Art Deco Angel Lantern was huge, hanging between two Metal Columns, we all wanted all this!

                              Me and Sharon Hayes Westbrook, a great artist known all over the USA!

Wish  I could show you all the things that this wonderful Dove Cote Garden Shop has to offer, can't wait to
go back and see in the warmer months!
Aspen's Mom Cathy, now we can see where the beauty comes from.

We were now off in search of a good place, but a quaint place to have lunch, and we found LULU's!
But on the way we stopped in several Boutiques, and I picked up a stranger! No not really, but really yes! I noticed in several of the shops we were in, another lady all by herself was looking too, so as we left the last shop heading to lunch, I noticed she was walking behind us, we started a conversation and invited her to join us for lunch and she accepted. She wasn't afraid of us at all!! lol

Charlotte and her husband were in Fernandina,  vacationing  from Tuscaloosa, so I can now say I have a new friend in Alabama! This was a great trip and we can't wait to return.

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  1. THANKS for sharing your day with me... What fun.. too bad it was so chilly, but the adventure was worth it.