Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Catching You Up With My Life!

I can't believe it has been five months since I have posted! Talk about life getting in the way, I really do try and post at least once a month, sometimes more, but I will try and catch you up on all my unexciting life..waaa!
Have had so many changes, most non visible but felt all the same, still adjusting to Wayne having to close his company and totally re-inventing his life in his mid sixties, this has not been easy on either of us. But I will say he has managed and does love his new work, so that is all anyone can ask for. Again coping. Also we are down to one car!! I had to let my Beach Hearse go out to pasture (transmission fail), so that keeps me from shopping!! Now I am relegated to just on weekends, which totally sucks. Again coping. Have had to lose contact with so many people that meant so much to me, but again coping. I have fought through a deep depression, finally seeing the light, again coping. But through family and a few friends I have managed to get things back on track, and I thank them so much for all their love. Ain't family great!

Well lets start with July, Had a really hot summer, worked in the garden and had a few trips to the Beach

We love to go early in the morning and have coffee and read the paper, with the occasional doughnut! Just so relaxing, walk the beach and look for sharks teeth and special shells, just reflect..
We got a parakeet, my Daughter was at a cookout with her friends, when all of a sudden a parakeet flew down and landed on my Son in Law! They ended up bring the bird home, after checking with all the surrounding neighbors, but guess who ended up with the bird..oh yeah dear Mom.

Introducing the Bird to Dixie Boy, then moved birdie to a much larger cage, where she chirps all the time.

In late August I was in the garden chopping some vines, when I guess I knocked one of my hanging birdhouses, that was the home to Alien Wasps!! I felt a sting on my neck, that knocked my head back, I went running out to the middle of the yard, but soon realized I was being attacked by something I really couldn't see, Bam I was stung on the shoulder, TWICE ! I must have looked like a Whirling Dervish trying to fight them off, Bam twice on the forearm! I started running down the walkway, through the gate, to the garage. In the garage I could see what was STILL ATTACKING ME!! They were HUGE BLACK WASP! I managed to kill one with a whack of my open hand, and then I knocked one onto the pavement.

This Alien being is about 1 inch long, and the stings are brutal, it took three days for the pain to finally go away. When the Lawn Guy came I told him about the nest and he said he would try and get them, I said you don't understand these guys are relentless. So as he was mowing near the their tree, Bam one stung him on his leg! It kept chasing him down till he finally made it into our screened room! I said "See I told You"! He said "I'll be back tomorrow with wasp spray". Well he returned the next day, armed with wasp spray and a tennis racket, they were finally exterminated. It took me another month to even go out in the back yard again. Traumatized !!
Had some fun cookouts with the Kids at the home they moved into, only maybe two miles down the road, and had lunch with my Daughter and Granddaughter Kingsley, I always love seeing them, my heart swells.

 September is always a full and fun Month, My Birthday, Wayne's Birthday, the onset of Fall, just that feeling in the air that comes with the changing of the seasons. Did some fun things like shopping Goodwill and finding two great pictures of Nice France, they will be perfect in my Shabby Chic guest room!  Have you been to Nice France? If you ever get the chance take it! Nice is so beautiful that pictures just can't capture what your eye sees...I could live there.

These canvas pictures were distributed by the Paris-Lyon-Mediterranean Train Line, the PLM..They advertised all the stops along the trains route!Awesome huh!

I had fun doing my nails, I just love nail art and cool colors! Oh! and Bling!!

I also did some fall decorating for Dr. Duffy's office, I always look forward to Claire Duffy's call "Time to change the Seasons"!

This is the top of their large display case that I designed for Fall, I used some of the bark off my Crepe Myrtle tree that I saved and flattened, till it dried and it kind of looked like pieces of driftwood.

October has been busy too, Lunch with Birthday Girl Pam and Friend Esther, great to toast another year!

Did some chair coverings for a friend (Claire), and started getting the House decorated for Fall and put up a little Halloween,

 Did my Fall Mantel, Using more bark from my Crepe Myrtle tree.

 My Scarecrow that I've had for 14 years, I can't believe that he is still hanging in there!

My arrangement at my front entryway, sunflowers, pearly berries and fall ribbon, transforms my existing arrangement into Fall.
Just a few Halloween fun pieces , my old Hag Mask with the feather Witches hat I added, my black scaredy cat and little black haunted house on the dining room table with fall berries added to that arrangement,
Well we are all caught up with my Life!, but now it is November and Wayne and I have had our 32nd Wedding Anniversary! He's a mighty lucky Man!
I am doing some tablescape pieces for The Nutcracker Tea later this month. Thanksgiving is almost here! We will be joining family at my Daughters Home for a Fun Day! Give Thanks for all Your Blessings, You never know when they can all be taken away..

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