Monday, December 8, 2014

The Holidays Have Arrived...well not quite!

Hi all, The days are going by so fast, and the only thing I've managed to do here at the house, is a deep cleaning, something I like to do every year before I put up all the Christmas Decor. So far all I have up is the Poinsettia Garlands in the Main Bath, pitiful..But we are having the carpets in the whole house cleaned, so it will be the middle of the month before I get started, really cutting it close.

In the mean time this is the second year I have helped with the Nutcracker Tea, this is a charitable event that is associated with the Make a Wish Foundation. This event is hosted every year by Claire Duffy, and has grown in size and has become more lavish. I help put together the centerpieces for about 40 tables.

My first attempt at decorating Gingerbread Houses too! Such a fun event!
The Tea has about 400 guest and they not only have a fun lunch, but they are given an abbreviated performance of the Ballet "The Nutcracker", Clair's Mom, Felicia is the Grand Dame of the whole event and it is her dancers that perform.

Last week I decorated Dr. Duffy's Office for Christmas. I do this about every three months, the change of every season, It's always fun coming up with different designs every year!

I always love the topper to the main display cabinet in the lobby, this year it is in Red, White, Silver and Green, painted twigs from my garden white and added them to finish it off. I also rearrange the shelving in the cabinets and add Christmas touches throughout the offices.
Now all that is left is for me to do is to get my home decorated, and get some outside lights put up before we are labeled the neighborhood Grinches!!

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  1. You have way tooooo much energy my dear friend! Who but you would do a deep cleaning at Christmas! Your posts on FB always bring a smile to my face...hugs....