Saturday, December 20, 2014

Well Everythings Almost Over But the Shout'n! Christmas 2014!

You know December kinda came in like a Lamb, but it is going out like a Lion! Trying to fit so much into the last half of the month, Visiting friends on St Simon Island Georgia, Decorating the home for Christmas and then Hosting a Christmas Party Too! But after a few days of running around like a Chicken with its head cut off, TaDa! Done Done and Done!! But here it is the Saturday before Christmas and I haven't shopped the stores, got a few things on line, but I need to venture outside! I'm one of the few people that just loves all the hustle and bustle of the last few days left before the "Big Rip Tear"!!
I just love all my Decorations that I've accumulated over the years, but even though they still look brand new, I've  been doing the same thing every year, just tweaking it a slight bit, but for the life of me I just can't see my way to changing it. Everyone just raves on it, but outside of a windfall, I just couldn't imagine what it would cost to redo it all! So if the pictures look familiar, don't say I didn't warn ya!
Changed the Mantel somewhat from last year, added back in the Gold Deers, Green and Red Mesh, Large Red and Gold Ornaments, Red Berries, Red, Green and Gold Beaded Garlands , Red Mercury Glass Candle holders with Red and Green Twist Candles, and of course my Moms Christmas Moss Angel, she never leaves my Mantel. I get all my "Free" Greenery at Home Depot and Lowe's (Christmas Tree Cuttings right out of the Trash Bin)!

Decorating a Mantel is one of my Favorite Things! You can visit my "Mantel Fetish" Board on Pinterest, I'm on there under the name Rena Designs. Nutt'n but Fun!

Years ago I made this Christmas Pillow, it was a preprinted  design that I added gold and burgundy roping along with red sequins to and finished with a matching fringe trim. It sits on the floor next to my little Bombay Chest with this huge key in the bottom drawer, Oh and don't cha just love the Antique Gold Santa Ornament!
 For years I always put up the "Big Tree" in the Living Room, totally Loaded down with every Ornament that I have collected since the age of 22! Don't know why this picture looks so pink, the little pillow on the bench is one I made out of Christmas Red Silk (not pink) and the big ornaments are Red too! Hmmm

BUT now I just put up a smaller one in the Family Room, Although I did look in the Bins that hold all my Treasures from the past, so beautiful. Now the smaller tree will have to do, just couldn't see doing all that work just two weeks  before Christmas! The tree has matching Red and Gold mesh , and ornaments from within the last 3 years, given by friends.

I just love the reflection of the Mantel in the Mirror, another Christmas pillow I embellished.~

The Entryway view , and the Decor on the entryway Chest of Drawers (that was my Dad's that I hand painted)

 My Living Room and Dining Room have white furniture, Gold and Sage accents.

Dining Room Window all done in Sage, Gold and White. Della Robbia Pillows are on the floor.
Large Gold Mirror in Living Room decorated with Ornaments, Glitter peacock, Brocade Ribbons, and a mask we got in Venice, you can see my white couch in the reflection.

Even our Master Bedroom is in White and Sage, so calming. Added a little Christmas to the Mirror and Dresser.

We hosted a Christmas party and I thought I would share a picture of Me and My Daughter Tiffany.

Well nothing left to do but SHOP!!  I'm Wishing You All a Very Merry Christmas, and I hope it is shared with Family and Friends 2015 Is On Its Way!

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  1. Your home is so elegant...just stunning! I love your pink tree...giggle...giggle! hugs..