Monday, February 9, 2015

House of Hearts

Isn't this fun, that this year is passing, just as fast as last year! Here it is right before Valentine's Day! Won't you  be Mine? Usually the Hubs and I really don't exchange gifts on this day, we do give each other cards, but don't tell the Hubs, I've been sneaking in the same card every year for the past 5 years! Well it says just what any other card would say, and I do put it in a new envelope! The only part of the card that counts is the signature saying I Love You, am I right?! And so far he hasn't caught on. grinzzz

Just finished putting up the Valentines decorations, I just loaded up the House with Red Hearts! I always start with the Mantel.

This year I just loaded it with Red Hearts, Red Heart Felt Garland, Red Heart Metallic Garland, Kiss Me Pillow next to my Moms Moss Angel, Heart Ribbons, Hearts spilling out of the tiny drawer along with a little Red Bird and of course Hearts Galore!

                                    Red Glitter..enough said.

This Moss Angel was my Moms, it never comes off the Mantel no matter what Season ♥♥♥

Hearts spilling out of the the tiny drawers, you can't tell from the picture, but the drawers have tiny  porcelain green leaves applied to it, so unusual, I love it.

 Front entryway chest with a Big Red Heart, and Heart Cellophane added to existing arrangement, along with a Heart shaped Candy Dish.

 Dining Room and Living Room with Red Hearts Too!
Well I am done spreading the Love! Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day!
Check out My Board on Pinterest called Mantel Fetish! I'm on under the name Rena Designs.

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