Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter is Here! well almost

This past Sunday was Palm Sunday, what a beautiful Holiday. When little it was the best, all the kids at Church would get to march in carrying Palm Fronds, waving them in the air, don't think we really understood the true meaning, but for some reason you felt Glorious! So funny how the older we get, the more we think of all the fun times, not so much focusing on the lousy vignettes of our lives, meloncoly.
Well I have been putting up my Easter decorations, kinda waiting till the last moment. Doesn't seem as much fun, no one comes by to see them, not like when the Grandkids were young. Now all are grown, and we go to our Daughters to celebrate. When "The Daughter", as Wayne calls her, was young it was such a fun day, the family would come over, Mom and Dad and The Inlaws, all for a cookout and of course to watch Tiffany hunt for the eggs, snapping pictures like mad. This activity was followed by a very American cookout of HotDogs cooked on the grill, Baked Beans, Potato Salad and of course my Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Icing, topped with pastel sprinkles. Now that's what I'm talk'n about! Great memories!

I did manage to flood the house with Easter Decor, got my Mantel finished, using basket eggs, spring flowers, ceramic rabbit and blue metallic mesh ribbon.

Set up a Vignette on the Dining Table, using Moms candles with pink roses, and a cloche covering one of her ceramic eggs, everything else are thrift finds .

Love this picture of our Cat Dixie Boy sleeping at the end of the coffee table, next to some of my paper mache rabbits.

Put a few things in the Family Room, one is my little Easter Tree, the Grandkids used to hang the ornaments, but now I get the fun! I put it next to another paper mache rabbit and a tiny tea service for one.

I love my Mellow Yellow Rabbit! I gave this to my Mom when I was about 18 years old, you can tell I'm a teen of the 60"s! Oh and the cute metal wire Carrot with the little white picket fence..too cute!

Last pictures are of Monica our Maid, wearing the visor I decorated about 10 years ago, we were invited to ride on a friends boat to the St Augustine Blessing of the Fleet, and I surprised all the girls with an Easter Visor! Monica is holding a wire egg holder with some of the ceramic eggs I've collected throughout the years. Our Dog is wearing her finest jewels and one of my visors. Doesn't she look proud! LOL

Well I guess you've been flooded with enough of My Easter Pictures, but sharing is part of the fun! Hope You and Your Families have a wonderful Easter Sunday!


  1. I have an egg that belonged to my mother that looks very similar to the one you have under the cloche.....and I have a carrot tree with the white picket fence just like yours! We must have been sisters in a previous life! Have a blessed Easter Rena...hugs........

  2. Penny I guess Mom never told you about Me!! Lol can't believe we have the same carrot!