Thursday, May 7, 2015

Missed April! But I'll Catch You Up With May!

May Day, then Cinco De Mayo (that we spent at an Irish Pub!), now Flower Planting and Mother's Day!  Also my Granddaughter Kingsley turns 18! wha?? It's very stressful as she Graduates in June, and then in August, off to College. How did all this happen? I took her shopping for her Birthday , she said she didn't need any new clothes or shoes...?? now who turns down FREE clothes and shoes..well she said she really would like new make-up, so off we went. It was just a wonderful day of sharing, and you don't get those too often, ended our afternoon with a trip to Dairy Queen for IceCream! and the best chat ever..

 Ahh I wanna be 18 again! Well actually I'd love to go back to the age of 33, and from that day forward I would just say NO!

                                                                Brain Freeze!

 Here in Neptune Beach we have had a glorious Spring, this Mother's Day weekend it is predicted to be 92 degrees! I baleeze that is Summer weathah!!  It has taken me so long to get all the beds weeded, for one reason I waited too long to plant and mulch, so all the weeds came back and I had to do a repeat performance. Ahh but there is nothing like working in the garden.The problem  is that I have trouble with my right knee, so as I'm weeding I have to do the bend at the waist, with my legs spread eagle, making my ass stick up in the air!! As to not offend any passersby, I make sure said "ass" is always facing the house!! Avert your eyes!! LOL Just a little Southern Decorum..

Things are really quiet in the garden, the Cicadas have not started their endless Summer singing yet, but I did hear one the other day..soon enough it'll be a cacophony of sound!  The top picture shows my Ligustrum Patio Tree blooming it's little heart out, I love the aroma, the bottom picture is a weird plant, the leaves are sawtoothed and it has these fuchsia blooms that just hang all over it. I just don't know the name, but it is over three feet across and about as high!

 18 inch stepping stone I designed and mosaiced about 12 years ago, African Iris are in the forefront.

                                    My favorite Alamanda, cuz it blooms all summer long!

   Close-up of African Iris 

 Shrimp plant blooming, my back side yard is loaded with these! Very prolific plant,  but they do love the sun!
Well we have two birthdays in May, Kingsley and my son in law Scott, Graduation in June , then enjoy the summer...but dreading August..oh I'll be posting all along too. So chat with ya soon!

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