Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Well the Hot Weather is Not Waiting for Summer!

Hi All! Hope everyone had a Splendid Memorial Day, We had no plans for this long weekend, just letting Wayne have two days off in a row was special! We usually just have the Sunday together, so we chose to just rest up. Went over the the Daughters to visit just a bit, celebrated a belated Birthday of our Son in Law Scott, and of course always fun seeing the Daughter and the Grandkids. June 3rd Kingsley Graduates High School ! Now that is still something I'm trying to comprehend! Then she leaves in August for College..wha??
Alot of my Friends are going through this too..damnit the time is just going too fast. Grandson Evan will be 21 this year!! Come on.!!..stop it..
We are already in the throws of Summer heat, 90 degrees in the screened room!! We went to the nursery a couple of weeks ago to get a few plants, annuals for their blooms, but the pick'ns were slim! I ended up with Marigolds, Petunias and Coleus, and they were on the skimpy side! And it's May! The thing is, I've planted them and they have stayed the same size, not spreading out being all nice and full like they usually do.. disappointing. Don't know if the early heat is to blame, but the gardener in me will keep trying! Thought I would put a few of my Garden Pics up for your sheer enjoyment! LOL

 Oh and I forgot to mention the prices!! What is on my bench is $13.00!! Y'all do know I Mosaic, well I did this bench years ago and it still looks fantastic!

 Looking through the Heart in my Gate toward the side yard.

 My PomPom Shrimp plant is blooming, I have about four of them throughout the yard, just such a striking bubble-gum pink.

 The yellow Hibiscus is from my Daughters yard, this bloom is the size of a lunch plate! Beautiful  The Lavender Althea Patio Tree is just loaded, bloom'n it's little heart out!

One of our Kitties, Dixie Boy, rest'n in the Screened Room. Only one Day lily Bloomed this year, but I managed to get this pic before it was gone.
Monday is June the 1st, wish I was a child again, Mom, Me and My Brother heading to Midland City Alabama to spend the Summer at my Grandmom Vera's small farm. Most times it was just the three of us traveling from Florida or Virginia, depending if Dad was out at sea on the Ship, serving with the Navy. We always seemed to arrive at two in the morning, Lord driving down those two lane country roads at night, never meeting another car, Dad would have the Brights on so we could see, and when I say pitch black I mean it,! not a light to be found! Our eyes fixed on the road ahead, straining, afraid a cow or something might run out of the  rows and rows of tall corn! Kudzu Vine covering everything like a carpet, even taking the shape of an old farm house that was abandoned. On one trip, Mom looked over at Dad "Good Lord Jimmy! What's that Smell"? We had passed through a Skunk Cloud!! Whew! even the windows down didn't help! We all laughed the rest of the drive to the farm. It was always fun for us kids. I can remember in the morning I would get one of the stick brooms, and then find a spot to "sweep out" my playhouse. I would find a cool spot under a tree, and start sweeping until I got down to hard pan, take the loose sand and pile it around the edge, making the outline to my rooms, then dash around the yard and get the small chippy blue painted rocker, the small pot bellied stove, bricks and a plank to make like a shelf, then I would find discarded Mason Jar lids, and they would be my plates!  Ahh so much fun, cuz now I got to spend the rest of the Summer "Not" letting my Brother in my house!! LOL! Grandmom would get me a small flour sack , with the prettiest flower print, about the size of a tea towel, fold it in half, then roll it up, take a piece of string and tie it tight,about three inches down from the top of the roll, then she would whip stitch in some eyes, nose and a mouth, then fluff out the rest of the roll, and that was my Dolly for the Summer! Awesome! I have so many fun memories, kinda makes me sad.. But now we all  have this Summer ahead of us to enjoy! I just need someone to whip me up a Doll. ♥

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