Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer is Definitely Here!

Whew the heat has been upon us! I am missing the color in the yard, everything left is green, with just a few pops of color. Nothing has survived this heat, all the Petunias, Zinnias, and Impatiens are all gone, my Glads didn't even bloom this year, I guess it just got too hot too soon. Just recently my Mexican Fire bush has just started to bloom for the summer, I have three in the yard. I just love the whispy looking red flowers.
I have also found one bloom on my Princess plant, I did have a 6' tree of this, but a couple of years ago the freeze knocked it down. The purple flower is just the perfect shade. Normally My Cannas are about 5 or 6 feet tall, but this year only about 3 feet, and only one bloom! But hey after all this heat I appreciate any blooms at all!  But there is the saving grace of Crepe Myrtles, mine are all blooming, Watermelon, White and Lavender, The Lavender Crepe Myrtle is on the corner of our front yard, and this tree is huge.

We are also recovering from a sinkhole in our front yard! My Wayne went out in the yard and while walking around his leg sank up to his thigh! I can't believe he didn't break it. This hole ended up being 5 feet deep and six feet long! it was totally hollowed out under the grass so you couldn't see it. Come to find out it was a sewer line from the house to the street. The city came out and fixed it all! Praise the Lord it was on the 15 foot easement! It didn't cost us a thing!! Thank you City of  Neptune Beach!

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