Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Bargain is a Bargain!

When I get together with my girlfriends, or if I'm chatting on some of the Facebook sites I belong to, seems we always get around to the subject of shopping. And by that, I mean telling of  the great deal we have just found. And if we aren't talking bargains, we are chatting about a trash to treasure project we have just finished! We are all "Proud" of the bargains we find, and don't mind if you know that we got it at Goodwill for 99 cents! There was a time when you would have never told anyone what you paid for an item, but now with all the Shabby Chic projects, finding the bargain is the coup de gras! It's almost like a one up! I was telling the girls in one of the gardening groups about the great finds I have found at Goodwill, well, they wanted me to show them so I started taking pictures of the tops of my kitchen cabinets. They hold a lot of bang for the buck, so to speak. Most of the pieces are from Goodwill, with some from Big Lots and some from Mom. But I will say, I have amassed quite good collection of  Objects d'art,
 This right side of my Kitchen starts off with this great copper Rooster, (GW) Copper jello mold from Mom, Great woven basked with wood carved handles.
 Little house Cookie Jar and Squash Pitcher (GW) Moms Chicken.
 Little Bicycle , Rooster (GW) , Signed Tomato Painting on Wood (GW)
 Metal Rooster (GW) , blue pitcher and Huge Gourd Pitcher from Big Lots
 Chicken from Mom, little Veggie NeedlePoint from GW
 Large Fish Jello Mold from Mom, great sunburst basket and woven ones too.
Cow Jello Mold, that I love (GW), Little beige jug with Rooster (GW), and mini Jello Mold from mom.
If you look at the pictures top to bottom you can see how they run the top of my cabinets.

Hope you're not tired of this, but now these are the pictures of the Left side of my kitchen cabinets.
 Grapes and small Rooster (GW) Gorgeous Ewer from late 1800's was Moms
 Terra Cotta Rabbit (GW)
 Small Veggie NeedlePoint (GW), White Rabbit Pitcher (GW)
 Gnarly Birdhouse and Gourd Pitcher both from GW

 Wild Turkey Decanter from My Dad, Pitcher from Target.(on sale $2.00!)
Great Apple Painting, Signed. (Church Bazaar) Jello molds from Mom.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing all the fun bargains I have found on my little shopping sprees. Would love to see some of the treasures you have found too!

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