Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer is fast coming to a Close

Honestly I was so cold last Winter that I told myself I would not complain of the Heat whatsoever! But now that Summer is almost over, I find myself looking forward to some much cooler evenings. And a break from the heat as I work in the yard would be a great help, the humidity...please!! I'm not complaining, in a way we were kind of shortchanged on the Summer. Tropical storms, and rains days on end, have truly meant a shorter summer. Fletcher High has been in session a week already! And once school starts, the press is on for all the stores to start pushing Christmas, be damned Halloween, and Thanksgiving! Remember when you were a kid and Summer lasted forever...

My yard is still soggy in some places, the rains really did a number, but the worst of it all is the overgrowth of everything! Saturday I worked in the yard all day, pulling more weeds that I've seen all summer, and the vines have grown everywhere. I managed to get all the flower beds weeded and enough vines pulled to fill two large trash cans! Oh I am so gunna pay for this! I thought I had actually got some sunburn, but I didn't, it was towel burn!! I had wiped the sweat from my face so many times, I was actually chaffed!! Ahhh Aloe!
The Arrowheads have taken over my flower beds in the back, but look at the Pothos growing on the fence!! Some of the leaves measure 10 inches across!

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