Saturday, January 14, 2012

All of Christmas is gone from 539! I have been so sore from climbing, packing, stacking, and fitting the boxes in my closet! But all is done. Well I say Christmas is gone, but really I just can't seem to hide it all away, I have an omage to The Holiday set up in my closet. I arrange one side of the closet so that whenever I want to see a little sparkle, all I have to do is open, and Voila...Christmas! I kinda make it like a little Christmas Shoppe! Do you do strange things like this? Well it makes me happy to see all the ornaments and bright colors, plus since I do presentations, I actually start thinking Christmas in July! So I guess this is my inspiration Closet!

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  1. If I had the closet space, I would do this too! Closets here at 1602 are precious and few. My decorations get sent to the attic but, easy enough to get to!

    Thanks for sharing Rena