Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dressing Table Nostalgia

Today I found a great blog site showing pictures of beautiful Dressing Tables, I want to share this site with you. . Sharon is in Cape Town South Africa, I think when you see the beautiful homes, you will rethink your previous perceptions.
This posting has reminded me of being nine years old and designing my dream bedroom. I made drawings for every wall of the room. My mom had these for a long time, but don't know what happened to them. I had designed a room with two walls of floor to ceiling windows, on these window walls I had pictured sheers flowing in the breeze in a pale shade of lavender and alternating with white. The third wall held my dressing table, set back in an alcove, it had a ballerina sheer full gathered to the max skirt, in this pale lavender. At the top of the alcove the sheers were gathered in a knot and draped down each side of the dressing table. A gold mirror exteded from the ceiling to the top of the dressing table. The drawers had sparkaly glass crystal knobs. Next to the alcove was a closet with the crystal knobs and a white dresser with crystal knobs, and the entry door. The fourth wall had a bed in the pale lavender bedding with pillows in white, at the foot of the bed on the floor I had beautiful square pillows in lavender sitting on white carpet.The window wall was to the left of the bed and came around to the end of the bed. I could lay in bed and watch the sheers flow with the breeze. I have tears in my eyes just thinking of this, I had even drawn the little lines coming off the knobs showing they sparkled. so emotional thinking of this..
Now at nine I had never seen a picture of anything like this, a wall of floor to ceiling windows..crystal's amazing to think back on this forward thinking little girl, Me.

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