Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Yesterday Wayne and I had to put all the plants in the garage, a freeze is a come'n. I think it probably went to about 30 out here at the Beaches, which is low enough to damage all the tropicals and some of the succulents. So in they came! When this front moved in last night the wind was the factor, gust to 45 mph, I just knew a huge limb would blow down out of one of the Oaks, or Maples, or the scurge of the earth (I think it is called Sweet Gum). This Sweet Gum tree drops prickly balls that settle in the grass, roof, pots, walkways...honestly if I had to flee my house in barefeet, God help me I wouldn't make it 2 feet out the door! Who in their right mind would purposely plant such an animal!  I went out this morning to check out the damage to things I covered, all seemed to make it through. I always look at the impatients first, if they're not in a mushy pile, I know all is ok! But I looked in the birdbath and the top of the water was frozen! At 11:30 am! Wow, porch thermometor in our screeded room reads 45 degrees. Must still be the wind chill.. I snapped a couple of pics and ran back inside, after petting Gracie my Garden Cat.

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