Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Perfect on a Chilly Day! Rena's Money Saving "Stone Soup!"

Talk about poor mans Soup, I think I just re-invented "Stone Soup"
Remember the ...story of stone soup?
Serves 4

 Rena's New Stone Soup!

1 can Libby's Whole Kernel Sweet Corn
1 can Libby's Whole Potatoes ---Dollar store sells each for 79 cents
1/3 cup milk
2 cups water
1 teaspoon olive oil
7 slices American Cheese (store brand)
2 handfulls of egg noodles (dollar store)
1 slice of med onion diced
shake of garlic salt
shake of Salt Sense (or regular salt)

Put olive oil and onions in pot with a shake of garlic salt, stir till onions opaque.
add can of corn, juice and all, drain juice from potatoes into pot, dice potatoes and add with water and milk to the pot, put in the cheese and noodles, season with salt. Stir until cheese is melted then simmer until noodles are done, about 8 min.

I served with Buttered Toast Points, Kinda gave it a Gourmet Flair!
And of course Presentation is everything!
Such an economical dish to prepare for your family, and kids will love it!

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